Football Flashbacks Advertisement – 1960

WNPV “Football Flashbacks” AD 1960

When WNPV signed on in 1960, it was only allowed to broadcast from sunrise to sunset. This rule was in place to protect the coverage areas of existing out of town radio stations in the 1440 range. Since WNPV had to sign off every evening at sunset they were unable to cover local high school football games live.

The “Football Flashbacks” program was created in order to provide some high school football coverage. On Saturday mornings at 9am, a panel, including Bob Fretz, Charlie Myers, Edgar Williams and Don Beideman would discuss the happenings on the grid iron the night before.

This early advertisement was printed in the North Penn Reporter in 1960.

WNPV On The Air Next Monday Ad – October 1960

“On The Air Next Monday” Ad – North Penn Reporter, October 1960

This full page ad was printed in the Lansdale reporter sometime during the week before WNPV went on the air full-time on October 17th, 1960.

A Letter from Dick Heist – Perkasie News-Herald – February 11th, 1965

The following advertisement was printed in the Perkasie News-Herald on February 11th, 1965. This advertisement was a little different, it is disguised as a letter to a listener from then Program Director Dick Heist. The presentation may not be flashy, however, for the reader who took the time to read the letter, they would walk away with a complete understanding of everything that WNPV had to offer at the time.