WNPV On The Air Next Monday Ad – October 1960

“On The Air Next Monday” Ad – North Penn Reporter, October 1960

This full page ad was printed in the Lansdale reporter sometime during the week before WNPV went on the air full-time on October 17th, 1960.

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind

Darry Berger and John Treese present a 5-hour radio retrospective on 50 years of WNPV radio. This program aired on October 17th, 2010 and features archival audio, vintage commercials, music as well as interviews from WNPV staff members old and new.

Interviews include:
Dick Heist (WNPV’s 1st Program Director)
John Skibbe (WNPV Owner and former General Manager)
Jim Church (WNPV Sports)
Phil Hunt (WNPV General Manager)
Randy Brock (WNPV News Director)
Jeff Nolan (WNPV Sports Director)

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 1

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 1

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 2

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 2

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 3

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 3

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 4

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 4

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 5

WNPV’s 50th Anniversary Rewind Hour 5

“Lansdale Radio Station Adds to its Services”

News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) February 14, 1968

Lansdale Radio Station Adds to its Services In the year 1967, Radio Station WNPV continued its policy of constant review and improvement of its services to its listeners.

News coverage of the twin Bucks-Montgomery county area was improved by the acquisition of additional correspondents in Bucks county to augment the service already in operation in Montgomery county.

Several news specials” were broadcast — hour-long, in-depth reports on a single news subject — including an examination of the organization and structure of the constitutional convention, with brief policy statements by candidates as delegates, just before the November elections.

High point for the news department, was winning two awards for another special, “Alice in a Patrol Car”, first place award for stations of WNPV’s size from the Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association, and another first place from the Greater Philadelphia Council of Churches first annual radio-TV award for outstanding public service programs.

Program Director-Sales Manager Richard Heist noted intensified sports coverage with the addition of Jack Talley to the staff.

Tally continued WNPVs active schedule of live sports broadcasts, and widened the coverage of sports news, which included the addition of a number of sports correspondents. Perhaps most notable was Talley’s trip to Florida in December to do a play-by-play broadcast of the game between the Little Quakers, made up of Midget League football players from the twin counties, and the Saints of New Orleans. Unfortunately, the Little Quakers lost to the Saints 27-6.

The station also added a recorded telephone answering service in order to receive messages and news reports on a 24-hour-a-day basis.

General Manager John Skibbe reports that sales have risen steadily through the past year as a result of increased sales effort, improved on-air production techniques, and the growing acceptance of WNPV by both audience and advertisers as the most effective broadcast service in the Twin County area.

“Personalities Boost WNPV”

News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) February 12, 1969

WNPV enters 1969 on the gathering momentum of changes begun in 1968. Changes aimed at improving still further the entertainment and community services offered by the station in the twin counties over the past nine years.

The Year 1968 was a banner sales year, and General Manager John Skibbe and Program Sales Manager Richaid Heist, foresee the growth continuing through 1969.

1968 also saw the beginning of changes in programming format, aimed at giving the station a more modem sound, without losing its local identification.

The basic philosophy continues the best in popular music, and thorough local news coverage, but with new accents and orientation.

There have been some personnel changes too. Paul Hagerty, whose afternoon show generated lots of conversation and some consternation with his put-on telephone calls, moves to the Wake Up assignment, 7:15 to 10 am.

Jim Senior, heretofore heard on weekends, moves to Hagerty’s old slot at 2 in the afternoon. Besides a dry wit, Senior has a fabulous collection of some outlandish phonograph records from the ’30s, including such artists as Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor.

Shirley Eyre has joined the staff as Women’s Director and host of the daily Shirley Eyre Show.

Don Hess has become director of continuity. Hess, because of a considerable background on air as well, acts as a back-up man for the news department when occasion requires.

Jack Talley continues as the man for Sports with two daily five-minute shows 7:10 am. and 4:10 pm with sports in depth, with a heavy accent on the local scene.

Paul Taylor and Barry Cassell remain the key men in the News Department. The durable Comment Please keeps its place on the schedule with Skibbe and Fred Day as hosts. Day also hosts Coffee Time, in mid morning, and Dick Wright stays at the helm of Luncheon Matinee just after the noon hour.

All in all, General Manager John Skibbe and Program Sales Manager Heist foresee 1969 as another year of growth and service for the North Penn Valley’s only (or pioneer) radio station.